It’s time to take actionable steps toward your most audacious goals.

Business Coach

As your Business Coach, we’re there to guide you and give you clarity on what’s needed to keep moving forward. When growth and profitability are the goals, we uncover what’s holding you back —from people to systems to processes.

We’ll challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and grow.

For business owners with revenues in the 7 figures, who are serious about increasing sales and profitability, one-on-one business coaching can get you to the next level.

Business Growth

— Jean

Business Growth

“Ann Kaplan has helped my business grow since 2004. Her professional advice has been invaluable as my business expanded. Ann is always able to fit her services into my hectic schedule.”

Essential Part of our Team

— Stacey, Online Reseller

Essential Part of our Team

“We have an extremely complicated business …. Ann is more than just an expert… Ann is a perfect partner!”

Our Process

Business Coach - Key Performance Indicators | rent a Genius
Strategic Planning Session

The first step is to get to know you and your goals. In our Strategic Planning Session, we’ll listen to your challenges and map out a strategy that makes the road to success feel like an open highway.

Business Coach - Key Performance Indicators | Rent a Genius
Key Performance Indicators

Next, we’ll define your Key Performance Indicators so we can track and monitor your progress. You’ve probably heard the saying, “What gets measured gets managed.” It definitely rings true, and we make sure we’re measuring the right stuff.

Business Coach - monthly meetings | Rent a Genius
Monthly Meetings

Then, at our monthly meetings, we’ll review the 12-month goals, quarterly action plans, and an analysis of your financial results. We’ll hold you accountable and guide you all along the way to reaching your goals.

The good news? You’ve got a plan.
The better news? You’ve got a partner.

Areas of Focus

Need to Grow your business? We’ve developed our own proprietary strategies:

50 Ways to Grow Your Business - Business Coach

50 Ways to Grow Your Business

At Rent a Genius, we know every business is different, so we don’t have cookie-cutter solutions. But we do have a toolbox of 50 ways to grow your business. We’ll customize the strategies that will work best for you in 3 main areas:

  • Focus on getting more of the type of customers you want.
  • Increase your average sales with our proven techniques.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the processes within your business so you’re ready to scale and grow.

Need to scale your business?

  • A business is only as scalable as its systems. We dig deep into what’s working and what isn’t and recommend ways to optimize. Working together, we’ll track our progress every month for continuous improvement.

Set a course for better team performance

Stuck working “in” the business versus “on” it?

When you’re too close to the business, a third-party perspective can help. We look at roles, systems, and structures and recommend ways to build a high-performing team. If your goal is to stop “doing” and start delegating, we’ll start with this and provide actionable steps to get you there.

Many business owners find that simplifying and scaling their businesses gives them much greater fulfillment at work and in life, and they have renewed enthusiasm for the business. (It’s fun again!) Others want to do it to increase the value of their business for an eventual sale.

Looking for an Exit Strategy Solution?

Rent A Genius Business Coach

Reclaim your role as CEO

When you own a business, it can feel like the business owns you. We help you get out of the weeds and back into boss mode.

You’re not alone: We’re here to guide you all along the way and act as a sounding board to help you make the best decisions.

Still, need more?

  • Reach out anytime for assistance on big decisions or opportunities. Access our resources and other experts in our network for help with specific solutions.

Let’s work on your business together

Business coaching lets you experience growth without the growing pains.

We help you put the systems, tools, and people in place to build a thriving business without the typical headaches.

Ann Kaplan CPA and Business Consultant